Artistic Director at Hair Color Experts

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“I graduated from college in 2001 with a degree in business management, an ambitious young man ready to take on the corporate world as one is supposed to as "The All American boy" is supposed to do! However, the corporate world did nothing for me. I wanted to help people, not "work for the man", as they say. I had worked part time in salons in the past and found myself completely fascinated by everything in the industry. I had considered going to hair school, but didn't think I could do it. In short, I doubted myself for too many years. I decided that I would never know unless I tried, so I quit my job and started working part time to start Mitchell's Academy that Fall. I can't say it was easy, but the things in life that are the most valuable are worth working for. My experience at Mitchell's truly changed my life. It gave me direction, happiness, and self worth. Upon graduation, I started my career. I feel like my daily routine isn't work but more like hanging out with friends. I'm the Artistic Director for two area salons in the triangle where I'm responsible for all the technical direction of the stylists. I've done the cover for Cary Magazine, a fashion show for Ed Hardy, and a number of other fashion shows across the state meeting some of the most talented people in the industry. I've also returned to Mitchell's to teach advance color classes in my free time. If I could say anything to someone considering a change I would say, "excuses are always available while opportunity is not". Take the plunge and join a family of creative, fun and exciting people at Mitchell’s Academy!"

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“After doing makeup and hair styling for many years, I finally decided to turn my hobby and passion into my career. I chose Mitchell's Academy after hearing from many past graduates that I knew in the industry that had a positive experience. I went in to the experience wide eyed and bushy tailed, I unfortunately had some personal issues that made it so my schooling wasn't as quick and smooth as others but many of the teachers there supported me and kept me motivated. I made some amazing friends along the way including the teachers I will never forget and love immensely. I learned so much at Mitchell's Academy and can say without a doubt they helped me get where I am today! I always knew where I would like to work from being in the industry and I believe Mitchell's helped me gain the knowledge and confidence to now work at Atomic Salon as well as continue my freelance work with Weddings, Fashion Shows, and Photo-shoots.”
Noelle Levausseur
Independent Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, & Updo Specialis
Graduate 1999

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"I choose Mitchell's because I heard such great things about the Academy. I was a little nervous when I started that I might not be good enough to do this profession and make it as my career. Everyone I met at Mitchell's made me feel good about my decision, and did everything they could to help me learn all I needed to know about cosmetology. My instructors really helped boost my confidence; challenging and molding me into what I am today! I will never forget a quote one of my instructors told me in the beginning "Never think you are finished learning. " I still remember that quote to this day. It has helped me to become a successful hair stylist. I will always thank Mitchell's for the education I received and the guidance that helped lay the foundation for my career!"
Wade Cooper
Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist
Graduate 2010

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"Making the decision to change careers and enter the field of cosmetology was not easy. I had toured several cosmetology schools, but, after my first meeting and learning more about the structure and hands on training I knew this was the place for me. I had always thought that cosmetology meant just doing hair and thanks to the wonderful team of instructors, they introduced me to many ideas that I never knew existed. At Mitchell's Academy not everything that you learn was taught from the textbook. They brought in people from all different facets of the hair industry to give us a much wider picture of what was possible." "Mitchell's Academy has perfected the art of education with both practical and technical applications. They train you with the core skills and ethics that you need. It is this education that gave me the confidence to be able to work with my clients to achieve the perfect blend of cut, color and style." "I was able to complete Mitchell's Academy in 10 months and obtained a position in the cosmetology industry. The education that I gained put me ahead of my competition. I have no doubt that I would not be as successful as I am had it not been for the education and hands on experience that I gained from Mitchell's! Thanks to the teaching staff for allowing me to grow and achieve more than I ever imagined was possible!"
Kendall Dickens Rightmeyer
Hair Stylist
Graduate 2006

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"I decided to go to Mitchell's Academy after high school for Cosmetology. I worked very hard while in school and I strived to go everyday and get out of school on time. I learned so much through the staff and classes. I made lifelong friends at Mitchell's as well as great memories. I have been a cosmetologist in North Carolina for over 5 years and love every minute of it. I would not change going to Mitchell's Academy at all. I was taught how to express myself through my work and I strive to do that every day. It is great to be creative and love what you do. If it had not been for the instructors and teaching at Mitchell's Academy I would not be as successful as I am today!"
Patrick Hawker
Salon Owner Intaglio Salon & Educator for Goldwell
Graduate 2002

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"Mitchell's Academy has led the way in shaping and setting the standards for cosmetologists in the Triangle for many years. As a former student and graduate of Mitchell's Academy I must say that I am still amazed to see the level of consistent, compassionate, & caring instruction still being offered there. The dedicated team of instructors that were present almost ten years ago are still there to this day. I am truly grateful for the instruction that I received at Mitchell's! They helped in building my confidence as a student stylist, which better prepared me for the adventures I would embark upon. Now looking back over my career as a stylist, I can truly see just how blessed I was to be a student and to learn the lessons that I learned from the Mitchell's educational team. Almost ten years later, as a stylist owner of a salon in the Durham area and as an educator for Goldwell, I know that Mitchell's played an instrumental part in forging the path that I am on today."
Cody Blumenshine
Hair Stylist
Graduate 2011

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"I grew up doing my sister's hair and playing with dolls hair but never considered learning to do hair for a living until Mitchell's Academy came to my high school and talked with me. They discussed how much of a rewarding career that I could achieve and how they could help me accomplish that. I started right after graduation and learned the basics plus advanced techniques that have helped me in my career for the future. I would not trade my decision for anything from picking the right school, the staff and students and my career choice. Thanks Mitchell's!"

Terri Rowland
Esthetician & Owner/Curriculum Developer for The Salon Spa Training Institute
Graduate 2005

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"In 2004, Mitchell's Academy announced that they would launch their first Esthetics program in Raleigh. I was so excited when I heard about the program--I took a "leap of faith" and left my job with the State of North Carolina as an assistant college professor and mid-level college adminstrator and decided to enroll in Mitchell's! I have previous esthetics experience working in salons and spas as a teenager in the late 1980s. However, at that time, there was no Esthetics license in North Carolina. After talking with the Director of Admissions, I felt assured that I would have a solid Esthetics curriculum and a great experience in learning about skin care, esthetics services and the beauty industry. I am so proud to be Mitchell's First Esthetics Program graduate!" "After graduation and passing my exams with the State Board, I owned and operated a full-service salon spa for five years. I then transitioned into the Continuing Education field, and started The Salon Spa Training Institute as a CE instructor and Curriculum Developer. This transition was amazing for me, because I was able to merge my experiences in education and the beauty industry. Ultimately, I am so happy that I made the choice to attend Mitchell's Academy. It was truly a wonderful experience."
Amanda Alberico Kimball
Graduate 2002
Salon Owner Twisted Scizzors Salon in Cary, NC

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"Mitchell's Academy has changed my life in so many ways. It is a state of the art facility that has an outstanding staff that is there to help and guide you in your career that has endless possibilties. They have given me the essentials and knowledge to succeed professionally in this industry. Not only do they offer a cosmetology program, but they have an awesome esthetics program for individuals who want to make people feel beautiful through skincare. After graduating, I had the confidence and knowledge to succeed in the Cosmetology field. I felt it was only natural to work for Mitchell's Hair Styling. I went to work at Mitchell's Salon at Preston in Cary, NC. I worked as a stylist there for 3 years and was offered the opportunity to become a manager, which I gladly accepted. From there, I managed for 4 years and accomplished my goal of becoming the Salon of the Year. After I reached my goal, I decided to open my own salon. I cannot thank Mitchell's Academy enough for helping me make my dreams come true. If you are looking for a place that is upbeat, artistic, and fun. I have to say you will not regret your choice of becoming a student at Mitchell's Academy. "Let your dreams become reality!"
Abby Bohling
J & F Gemelli Salon
Cosmetology Graduate 2013

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“I began my journey at Mitchell’s Hair Styling Academy in December of 2012. Starting out I was extremely quiet and it was very difficult for me to talk to people but I knew I wanted to step out of my shell. Making a difference in someone’s day by my work made me feel so much more confident in myself. I worked really hard and through the help of the instructors I feel like I have been fully prepared for working in a salon. The opportunities that were presented to me by being on student council, helping with fashion shows and the Miss North Carolina pageant are experiences that helped me grow as a stylist. Mitchell’s is a great place to the first step in enjoying your career. I am now an assistant at J and F Gemelli Salon in Cary and love every minute of it”
Kelly Pulley
Hair Designer Salon 24
Cosmetology Graduate 2013

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"I was in the banking/financial industry for many years and I had reached a point in my career were realized that my job was no longer a good balance for myself or my family. My interest was in Cosmetology. So, I decided to look into making a change and step out on faith. I met with Carlton to go over my questions and to discuss what Mitchells had to offer me. I also spoke with Admissions and arranged a tour of the school. After comparing other schools with Mitchells, I felt that they had more to offer me by being more specialized in the industry and more hands on training. So, I made the decision to attend Mitchells. I first started in the part time program and eventually transferred to full time. The instructors and classes taught at Mitchells were very beneficial to me in helping me prepare for the real world out in the salon. I was trained to use my time efficiently and effectively with my clients. The conversations I had with my instructors have played an important part in my career and I have applied them numerous times with my clients. I always listened to what they had to say and did what they asked because they truly were there to help me. You just have to make the most of all your opportunities that Mitchell’s offers. Today I am behind the chair working at Salon 24 in Clayton and I love my job! I am able to help my clients enhance their inner beauty and I am so fulfilled. I now have a healthy balance with family and career. Mitchells definitely made a significant contribution in my success, and for that I am grateful!"